A Solid Foundation

In 2005 our Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Diana Lillo, got her start designing for the healthcare industry on Long Island. Working with a mentor, she learned the ins and outs of the business, and soon their relationship evolved into a partnership. Under the monikers of ID Unique Solutions and MD Design Group they offered graphics and signage as well as interior design services. Together they took on larger projects, expanded their offerings, grew their network and built a strong reputation in a close-knit industry.

Born of Necessity

While project management has always been one of our signature services, we couldn’t shake our desire to have greater ownership over the creative aspects of our projects. As our designs became more innovative and elaborate, fewer fabricators were capable of executing our vision. Not content to settle, our Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer, Rocky Lillo, began partnering with our fabricators to figure out how we could continue to create the inspiring environments we envisioned — without compromising our vision. Nurturing those relationships and collaborating with those as excited to experiment as we are is a core part of our culture.

A New ID-entity

Since getting our start over ten years ago, we have learned from our mentors, partners, peers, and those who came before us. Today we move forward as InspireDesign Creative Studio. We are proud to be a NYS Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) as well as LEED Certified.

As a full service design firm with a passion for sustainability and biophilic design, we envision a future where workplace wellness is ingrained in the companies we work with. Our clients, who span a variety of industries — commercial real estate, property management, corporate, education, public and private healthcare, wellness, and more — are united by a common desire to have their spaces reflect their position at the top of their respective fields.

At InspireDesign we combine the skills of a polished New York City creative studio, the scrappiness of a start-up and the service of your most trusted collaborators. If that sounds like just what you’ve been looking for, contact us today to explore the potential of your space and learn how we can impact the future of your organization.

Our Culture